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Education Kits » EXGS-6 Holography Kit


This kit is designed for basic education of holography in institutions of higher education. While ideal for demonstrating in a classroom and physics lab, this kit is also suitable for amateurs who are fascinated with the startling real 3D effect that holograms produce. This holography kit gives you all the essentials to make white light holograms with ease. Every user can record beautiful rainbow holograms under ordinary light.

  1. Rainbow Holography
  2. White Light Reconstruction
  3. Usual Lighting Operation
  4. 50 mW Semiconductor Laser
  5. Photopolymer Plate
Components List
Semiconductor Diode Laser(50mW@650nm)(GY-12B) 1
Exposure Timer and Shutter(0-99.99s, accuracy: 0.01s) 1set
Magnetic Base(SZ-04) 6
Two-axis Adjustable Holder(SZ-07) 2
White Screen(SZ-13) 1
Plate Holder(SZ-12) 1
Aperture Adjustable Bar Clamp(SZ-19) 1
Loading Table(SZ-20) 1
Plane Mirror(36x4 mm) 1
Beam Expander(f = 6.2mm) 1
Small Object 1
Glass Screen 1
Holography Plate(63.5mm x 63.5mm/plate) 6/box
Holography Develop Kit 1
User's Manual 1

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