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Education Kits » EWGX-6 Optical Fiber Information and Communication Experiment


The Fiber Optic Experimental kit is a sister kit to EWGX-7. It provides additional experimental education to meet the requirement of rapid changing fiber communication field.

Experiment Examples
  1. Experiment of Fundamental Knowledge of Fiber Optics
  2. Fiber and Light Source Coupling Experiment
  3. Multimode Fiber Numerical Aperture (NA) and Characterization Experiment
  4. Fiber Transmission Loss and Characterization Experiment
  5. Fiber Beam Splitter Characterization Experiment
  6. Fiber Variable Attenuator Characterization Experiment
  7. Fiber Isolator Characterization Experiment
  8. Mach-Zehnder Fiber Interferometer Experiment
  9. Fiber Pressure Sensing Experiment
  10. Fiber Thermal Sensing Experiment
Components List
  1. Fiber Experiment Main Machine EWGX-6
  2. He-Ne Laser GY-24
  3. Power Meter WGN-1
  4. Fiber Beam Splitter 2X2
  5. Fiber Cleaver
  6. 10X Microscope Objective
  7. Fiber Stripper
  8. Hand Held Fiber Power Meter
  9. Variable Attenuator (Translational)
  10. Fiber Isolator
  11. Single Mode Fiber (2 km) with FC/PC Connectors
  12. Multimode Fiber (100 m)
  13. 2 Fiber Connectors (FC/UPC)
  14. White Screen SZ-13
  15. Fiber Holder
  16. 2 Flange Disks
  17. Alcohol Container
  18. Lens paper
  19. Vanier Caliper
  20. Power Cable
  21. Laboratory Manual in CD

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