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Technology Summary

Laser Beam Profiler

The Laser Beam Profiler is a high precision CCD camera based measurement tool for measuring lasers in the VIS and NIR wavelength range. It offers high camera pixel counts of 1600 x 1200 with small pixel dimension of 4.4 Ám x 4.4 Ám or 2752 x 2192 pixels with pixel dimension of 4.54 Ám x 4.54 Ám, and fast USB 3.0 interface. It can operate with USB 3.0 ready PC for fast laser beam measurement. It has high dynamic range with software auto shutter control to minimize laser saturation to the camera. Our powerful software of version 5.1 can perform over 50 laser beam measurement functions including peak and centroid identification, zooming measurement and display, Gaussian fitting, beam width measurement, 3D display, beam comparison, and other additional functions like interference fringe spacing and beam alignment. The Laser beam profiler makes quick laser beam quality assessment.

The Laser beam profiler can identify spatial characteristics (including beam width, divergence, and direction) of a laser beam and help system designer to plan and predict the utility of the laser beam. The Laser beam profiler is important for laser manufacturers for quality control.

Medical and industrial laser applications such as laser printing, welding, cutting, and fiber optics beam coupling all require using the Laser beam profiler for quality control and system design. Using the Laser beam profiler can help improve the laser coupling efficiency, power management, laser beam/tissue interaction, and laser cutting quality.

Optical Instruments » Laser Beam Profiler 5.1

A High-Performance Lower-Cost System

Over 50 measurement functions
Supports Windows Vista/7/8/10
USB 3.0 CCD Camera
12 to 14 bits dynamic range
User friendly measurement software
CW laser measurement
pulsed laser trigger measurement
Pass/Fail setting and alarm
Both real-time and off-line measurements

User friendly beam profiler panel

Beam Profiler System and Requirement

Monochrome image acquisition
Windows Vista/7/8/10
User friendly panel measurement control

Application features
  • Image zoom (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, 10x, 16x, 32x)
  • 2D gray scale image
  • 2D color contour
  • Color table
  • 3D gray scale display
  • 3D color contour
  • 3D display rotation and tilt
  • 3D display can be made transparent, hidden, or with solid contour lines
  • 2D image rotation (real-time and off-line)
  • 2D image translation
  • Secondary display (for two-image comparison)
  • Add image display
  • Subtract image display
System I/O:
  • Image saving
  • Imaging loading
  • CW operation or external trigger
  • Save 2D data
  • Save X profile data
  • Save Y profile data
  • Time recording of key beam data to a file
  • Print panels and results
  Processing Features:
  • Real-time background image subtraction (for background noise removal)
  • Cursor controlled profile measurement
  • Intensity peak identification and following
  • Beam centroid identification and following
  • Image addition (can simulate multiple exposure feature)
  • Image subtraction
  • Averaging of frames
  • Flexible rotation center
  • Intensity scaling
  • DC drift (to shift the intensity up or down)
  • Beam spot alignment with alarm
  • 2-Set of cursor for contrast determination
  • Real-time and off-line profile measurement
  • Point-to-point measurement
  • Flexible cursor measurement on X and Y intensity profiles
  • Intensity normalization
  • Calibrated X and Y scales
  • Imaging factor for X and Y scale adjustment
  • Beam width measurement
  • Ellipticity determination
  • Auto rotation and measurement
  • Gaussian fit with results summary
  • Statistics on measurement data
  • Size measurement
  • Power measurement
  • Flexible aperture for local power measurement
  • Pass/Fail setting and alarm
  • Line-to-line intensity subtraction for uniformity comparision
  • Intensity distribution histogram
  • Time recording (useful for recording beam profile parameters when operator is absent)
  • Plot of time recorded data
  • Summary and print for reporting

  1. Can be used as general purpose laser beam profiler
  2. Can be used for non-Gaussian beam measurement (such as interference pattern measurement, Newton ring measurement, diffractive shaped beam measurement, fanout beam measurement, etc.)
  3. Can be used as a digital camera for image capturing and processing (using a c-mount lens)
  4. Can be used for beam alignment for holography experiment setup
  5. Can be attached to microscope for mask pattern size measurement, integrated circuit dimension measurement, and biomedical sample image size measurement
  6. Many more

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