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Technology Summary

Technology Summary Overview

New Span Opto-Technology Inc. (New Span) has been developing products, services, and technologies through government sponsored development contracts, its own internal R&D, and private industry supports. New Span has committed to technology and product developments to meet government and commercial needs.

New Span technologies include:

Optics and Imaging:
Laser beam profile measurement
Thin film non-contact optical evaluation technology (reflectometer and interfermeter)
Foveated vision technology with 180 degree hemispherical field of view
Hyperspectral imaging
Diffractive optical element and laser beam shaping
Optical coherence tomography
Non-contact tear film evaluation
Screw flushness evaluation
3D suface topography evaluation
Micro-holography data storage
Target sensor
Laser warning

Nonlinear Optics:
Laser eye/sensor protection
Carbon nanotubes and applications
Surface plasma optics and applications
All optical switching

Polymer optical ribbon coupler for computer motherboard
Silicon microring photonic switch matrix
Broadband light sources and fiber switches

Maskless Lithography:
Laser direct writing system
Micro transfer molding
Micro fluidic patterning

This Technology Summary identifies technologies that are emerging at New Span, some of them are ready for immediate or near term implementation. New Span is seeking enabling companies to use our technologies for OEM implementation.

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