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Education Kits » EWGX-7 Optical Fiber Information and Communication Experiment Kit


This kit is designed to satisfy the increasing demand from numerous colleges and universities that introduce courses in optoelectronics and optical communications. It provides necessary devices and components for the required experimental education.

Experiment Examples
  1. M-Z optical fiber interference experiment
  2. Optical fiber thermal sensing principle
  3. Optical fiber pressure sensing principle
  4. Experiment of fundamental knowledge of fiber optics
  5. Experiment of coupling method between optical fiber and light source
  6. Multimode fiber Numerical Aperture (NA) measurement
  7. Optical fiber transmission loss property and measurement
Components List
633nm He-Ne laser (GY-10) 1 set
633 nm single mode fiber splitter 1
Temperature control unit 1
Pressure control unit 1
Free space fiber coupler 1
Supporter (SZ-42) 1
Fiber Holder 1
Supporter (SZ-13C) 1
633nm single mode fiber 2 m
633nm multi mode fiber 2 m
633nm single mode fiber  
w/FC/PC adaptor 2 m
Communication optical fiber 1 km
Fiber cutting knife 1
Power meter(SGN-1) 1

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