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Technology Summary

Skin OCT : BIOptoscan OS-110


Spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) system is designed for low coherence non-invasive interferometric cross-sectional imaging of biological tissues. It can be used for medical diagnosis, biomedical imaging, and subsurface material inspection. Our modular system design allows users to configure the systems to meet their different or changing reserach needs.


Tomography imaging:
  • posterior segment of eye
  • anterior segment of eye
  • skin abnormality
  • assess skin burn scars
  • many other tissues or samples
  • multilayer film inspection
  • multilayer film thickness measurement
  • 3D subsurface structural inspection

    OCT Panel


    Wavelength   970 to 1070 nm
    A-Scan Pixels   2048
    Depth Resolution in Air   4.6 µm at reduced depth
    Transverse Resolution   18.6 µm with 50mm focal length; adjustable by changing focusing optics
    Measurement Depth in Air   8 mm; can reduce depth for better depth resolution
    Scan Matrix   X-scan, Y-scan, X-Y-scan, and Area scan; flexible selection of matrix size
    A-scan Update Rate   29K A-scan/s; Flexible selection depending on camera
    Image Frame Rate   5.8 f/s at 2048 B-scan; 10 f/s at 1024 B-scan
    System Size   12" Width, 18.5" Depth, 6" Height; not including scanner head and computer

    SD-OCT System of Model OS-110
    • One SD-OCT main system, including:
    • A superluminescent light source (SLD)
    • A SD-OCT spectrometer engine
    • A galvanometer scanner with driver electronics
    • A high speed data acquisition card
    • A cameralink image acquisition card
    • A cameralink cable
    • A data acquisition cable
    • A reference arm with related optics
    • Related fiber and optical components
    • Related supporting hardware
    • OCT software
    • A PC with Windows 7 and i7 processor or better.

    Advantages of our SD-OCT systems

    Modular design allows researchers to configure the scanner mounting and external optics to meet their changing imaging needs.
    We offer help on software reconfiguration and packaging reconfiguration that could not be done with many other commercially available SD-OCT systems.

    System Operation Features

    • User friendly entry of test subject name, scan format, test number, and operator initial
    • Simple selection of scan testing format
    • User setting of scan matrix
    • User setting of scan update rate
    • User setting of measurement arm lens focal length
    • One button noise reduction
    • Fast OCT scan and display
    • Display contrast adjustment
    • En face image display and update
    • Saving of OCT image with information of test condition and date
    • Simple playback of saved OCT images (file selection, continuous playback, and fast image array playback)
    • Playback OCT image with saved reference subject image recorded during testing
    • Flexible scanner mounting


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