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Technology Summary

Experimental Instruments ยป Interferometer of Michelson and Fabry-Perot Model EWMG-1


This equipment can be easily transformed between the historically important Michelson Interferometer and the high resolution Fabry-Perot Interferometer. It applies to optical experiment in physics teaching at institutions of higher learning.

Key features
  • Precise measurements with two modes of operation.
  • Easy operation and stable performance.
  • Documentation contains both theoretical and practical descriptions.
Experiment Examples
The Michelson Interferometer
  1. Interference fringes
  2. Equal inclination fringes
  3. Equal thickness fringes
  4. White light fringes
  5. Determination of wavelength
  6. Precise comparing of wavelengths
  7. Refractive index of transparency Slice
  8. Refractive index of air
The Fabry-Perot Interferometer
  1. Multiple beam Interference
  2. Precise comparing of wavelengths


Flatness of Beam Splitter and Compensating Plate 0.05 λ
Min Division Value of Micrometer 0.0004 mm
Travel of Movable Mirror 12mm for presetting
He-Ne Laser Output 0.8-1mW
Wavelength of Laser 632.8 nm
Wavelength Measurement Accuracy Relative error 2% for 100 fringes


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