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Optics Education Kit

At New Span Opto-Technology Inc., we bring you with a complete and qualitative solution for all your experimental works in physics labs. Optics Education Kits provided by consists of numerous optical and mechanical components that should be assembled in order to make set-ups for experiments in general physics. Using our kits, one can enhance their problem solving ability as well as experimental skills in a great way. Find a world class kit from New Span Opto-Technology Inc to fulfill all your desired applications related to experimental work. Therefore, we offer our products with a commitment to high quality and low cost and deliver them on-time in a safe and secure way to get utmost customerís satisfaction.

Complete solution for optics experiment education in general physics. They include optics education kit, fiber kit, lasers measurement, single photon counting, Michelson's interferometer and variety of other experiment kits.

  EWSZ-1 Optics Education Kit

Provides a complete set of optical and mechanical components (including light sources), which can be used to construct 26 optics teaching experiments
  EWSY-1A Geometical Optics and Image Aberration Kit

This kit can be used to contruct tem teaching experiments related to geometrical optics and image aberrations.
  EWSY-5 Abbe Imaging and θ Modulation

With optical rail, it is easy to study the Abbe imaging principle and θ modulation.
  Michelson Interferometer EWMG-1

With a stable bench top setup, this Michelson interferometer is easy to use and reliable. It can be used for observation of light interference and for measuring wavelengths of light sources or filters.
  Experimental System for Polarized Light EWSZ-4

This experimental system is for study of polarized light. Students can complete the following experiments through manual operation: 1. Polarizing reflection, 2. Measuring Brewster angle 3. Verifying Malus' law
  Laser Mode Profile Analyzer

This device allows users to quantitatively assess the mode profile of a laser and its M2 characteristics using a computer with a USB cable.

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