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Technology Summary

Experimental Instruments » Laser Mode Analyzer


This device allows users to quantitatively assess the mode characteristics of a laser. For example, precision measurements and holograms need fundamental transverse mode laser output while laser ranging requires not only fundament transverse but also single longitudinal mode. This is done through performing a series of experiments and obtaining various parameters from which we can determine how the laser diode is performing. It is then possible to establish whether the laser diode meets the desired specifications. Users may perform laser mode analysis on a computer (provided by user) after connecting it to your PC. Users may also observe the mode spectrum with an oscilloscope connected (provided by user).

Experiment Examples

  1. Familiar with principle and operation of scanning confocal interferometer
  2. Observation of longitudinal and transverse modes distribution.
  3. Observation of several of modes of different lasers
  4. Determination of mode structure by calculating modes spacing of the laser

He-Ne Laser
Cavity Length 246 mm
Wavelength Accuracy 1 nm
Center Wavelength 632.8 nm
Scanning Confocal Interferometer
Cavity Length 20 mm
Curvature of Concave Mirror 20 mm
Reflectivity of Concave Mirror 99%
Fine Constant > 200
Free Spectral Range 4 GHz
Mode Spacing Error < 20 MHz

The software

The software will lead the user into different functions of the system. User can perform mode analysis, graphically display it, and print it out.


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