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Education Kits » EWSY-5 Abbe Imaging and θ Modulation


This optical rail, 1M long, carries general slide, 1-D adjustable slide 2-D adjustable slide; and 3-D adjustable slides. It comes equipped with holders, optical components and light sources. Many kinds of experiments can be performed on the rail, covering geometrical optics, physical optics and information optics. Such as measuring focal lenth, Fresnel diffraction of single slit, Abbe imaging principle and optical spatial filtering etc. With compact construction, steady rigid-frame, well expansibility and modest price, this equipment is appropriate for basic optical experiment-teaching at institutions of higher education.

     Mechanical Hardware
  1. Silding Base LH30, 4 pieces
  2. Z Sliding Base LH30Z, 2 pieces
  3. Y Silding Base LH30Y, 1 piece
  4. Two-Axis Tiltable Holder SZ-07, 2 pieces
  5. Plate Holder SZ-12, 1 piece
  6. White Screen SZ-13, 1 piece
  7. Spectrum Filter SZ-32, 1 piece
  8. θ modulator SZ-40, 1 piece
  9. Optical Rail 1 M, 1 piece.
     Optical Components
  1. Fourier Lens: f=150 mm, 2pieces
  2. Mounted Lenses: f=4.5, 150, 225 mm, one for each
  3. Transmission Grating: 25 L/ mm, 1 piece
  4. 2-D Orthogonal Grating: 25 L/ mm, 1 piece
  5. Transmission Characters with Grid, 1 piece
  6. Theta Modulation Plate, 1 piece
     Light Sources
  1. Bromine Tungsten Lamp (15W), 1 piece
  2. He-Ne Laser (1.5 mW), 1 piece


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