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Technology Summary

Thin Film Reflectometer TF-268


With a vacuum wafer holder and translation/rotation motion control, the TF-268 thin film measurement system is capable of all the measurement features offered by TF-168 yet is able to provide thickness mapping of the measurement sample. The measurement is based on interference spectral analysis of multi-layer reflection curves. It functions non-contact optical measurement of thickness, refractive index, and absorption index of various optical thin films and coatings.


Dielectric coatings on optical components, coated optical filters, semiconductor fabrication on wafers, liquid crystal devices, multi-layer polymer and acrylic films.
Example thin film layer: SiO2, CaF2, MgF2, Photoresist, Polysilicon, Amorphous Silicon, SiNx, TiO2, Sol-Gel, Polyimide, Polymer Film.
Example substrate material: Silicon, Germanium, GaAs, ZnS, ZnSe, Acrylic, Sapphire, Glasses, Polycarbonate, Polymer, Quartz.

Thin Film Panel


Measurement Range   20 nm to 50 µm (Thickness only), 100 nm to 10 µm (Thickness w/ n & k)
Measurable Layers   Up to 4 layers
Spot Size   Adjustable 0.8 mm to 4 mm
Sample Size   3", 4", 5", and 6" wafers or other non-circular samples
Thickness Accuracy   the greater of ± 1 nm or ±0.5%
Precision   0.2 nm
Repeatability   0.1 nm
Platform Size   6 1/16" Diameter
System Size   10 1/4" Width, 15" Depth, 15" Height

Thin Film Thickness Measurement System
  • One Thin Film Measurement main machine (110V-240V AC), Including a Tungsten Halogen light source, a PC based optical mini spectrometer with USB interface, vacuum sample holder, a translation stage, and a rotation stage.
  • Beam transfer, projection, and receiving fiber cable and optical assemblies
  • New Span Thin Film Measurement Software version 5.1
  • One Silicon wafer as reflectance standard
  • Supporting hardware
  • PC requirement: >800 MHz clock, RAM 1 GB, Windows Vista, 7, 8, or Windows 10
  • Optional mini vacuum pump with power supply

Separate Use of the Contained Light Source or Spectrometer

The main machine includes one Tungsten Halogen light source (360-2500 nm) and one PC-based USB mini spectrometer (350-1000 nm), each features an SMA 905 Connector.
By disconnecting the thin film measurement optical fibers from the internal light source and spectrometer, separate optical fibers can be connected to the light source and the spectrometer to facilitate other illumination or spectroscopic measurement applications.

Measurement Features

  • Substrate refractive index and absorption index evaluation
  • Film thickness measurement, mean and standard deviation
  • Film material refractive index and absorption index evaluation
  • Film thickness mapping and 3D display
  • Saving of measured spectral dependent reflectance data
  • Data loading of previously saved reflectance data
  • Statistics of measurement results
  • User friendly cursor controlled display of measured results
  • Flexible choice of computation wavelength range
  • Flexible choice of guess thickness range to minimize computation time
  • Convenient selection of film and substrate materials from included database
  • User defined materials selection and import.


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