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Multi-Pinhole Disc Assembly

Pinholes diameter: Φ0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.30, 0.50, 0.60, 1.0, 2.0mm

Part #: SZ-21 Price:
Periscope Assembly

For beam re-directing or height elevating.

Part #: SZ-26 Price:

Single-Side Adjustable Slit

Slit width 0 - 2 mm, slit direction tilt within 5°

Part #: SZ-22 Price:
Lens Group Holder

Movable on rail for nodal measurement.

Part #: SZ-25 Price:

Electric Shutter

Range: 0-99.9 seconds, accuracy 0.1 second

Part #: BGD-1 Price:
Double Right Angle Prisms Assembly

For inverting image in two directions.

Part #: SZ-27 Price:

Double Mirrors Assembly

Two-axis tilt table for both mirrors.

Part #: SZ-28 Price:
Newton Ring Assembly

Consists of a plano-convex lens and a flat glass mounted on a ring metal pressure frame with 3 adjustable screws.

Part #: NRA Price:

Lloyd's Mirror

For generating Lloyd's Mirror diffraction pattern.

Part #: SZ-29 Price:
Direct Measurement Microscope (DMM)

Objective 1x, f31.46mm, eye piece 20x, f12.6mm, working distance: 62mm, measurement range: 6mm, accuracy: 0.01mm

Part #: DMM Price:

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