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Air Chamber and Pressure Gauge

200mm tube with parallel windows.
Pressure gauge maximum 300mg Hg

Part #: ACP Price:
DMM Holder

Suitable for Holding DMM with or without objective lens.

Part #: SZ-38 Price:

Newton Ring Holder

Holding Newton ring assembly in horizontal direction.

Part #: SZ-34 Price:
Angle Measurement & Holder

Holder for angle mensurement.

Part #: SZ-30 Price:

Frequency Spectrum Filter

Used in Abbe Imaging and Spatial Filtering experiments.

Part #: SZ-32 Price:
Rotation Adjustable Slit

Slit width 0 - 2 mm (Free rotationable)

Part #: SZ-22 Price:

Theta Modulator

Used for theta modulation and color combination experiment.

Part #: SZ-40 Price:
Tube Components Holder

Φ10-50 mm. 2-D tiltable.

Part #: SZ-37A Price:

Ground Glass Screen

Φ117 mm, one surface grounded, used for viewing image from back side.

Part #: SZ-48 Price:
Spring Holder

Spring Holder.

Part #: SZ-35 Price:

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